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The Most Common Mistakes Beginning Golfers Make

Beginning golfers often make several common mistakes as they learn the game. These mistakes can be frustrating but are also part of the learning process. Here are some of the most common errors made by novice golfers: 1. Gripping the

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How to hold the golf club correctly.

Holding the golf club correctly is crucial for achieving consistent and effective golf shots. There are two common grips in golf: the Vardon or overlapping grip and the interlocking grip. Here, I’ll explain the Vardon grip, which is the most

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Best Golf Driving Tips

Driving the golf ball effectively is crucial for setting up good scoring opportunities. Here are some of the best golf driving tips to help you maximize your distance and accuracy off the tee: 1. Proper Setup – Start with a

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Best Chipping Drills

Improving your golf chipping skills is essential for lowering your scores and becoming a more well-rounded golfer. Here are some of the best golf chipping drills to help you hone your short game: 1. **The Basic Chip Shot Drill:** –

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